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 We specialized in PDR technology, which avoids repainting and fillers

The process of Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), also known as "PDR", is a method for removal dents from the body of a vehicle, through the use of metal rods and small levers to push out the dents from the lower part of the damaged panel, while certain glues and tabs are specially used to extract the dents from the outside of the panel. A detailed repair often requires to poke down the limits of the repair to remove even the smallest bumps. These operations are very delicated: too much pressure may create some lifting, causing damage to the clear coat or even a break in the painted surface. Also in this case, technical experts can avoid cracking or chipping by using the heat, even if in this way a surface that had already been repainted will break more easily. A wide range of damage can be repaired using the PDR (hail damages, heavy bruising, minor folds, doors bumps) provided that the paint surface is intact; the PDR can be used both on panels of aluminum or steel. Even when there is a loss so great as to affect heavily the paint of the body, that's still the coach PDR can "push to paint", creating the conditions for a better sanding and repainting, using specially designed tools. This methodology allows an important saving of time and costs both in the case of interventions of repair, and in the correction of defects in the production process.

We want to expand our service network

Our goal in KHS is to manage the assets of repairing hail damages in the most efficient way of all the automotive market, and to provide at the same time the quality and customer satisfaction the highest in the industry, bringing " the retail market, the quality of repair equal to the original standard of the manufacturer." We want to expand our team of collaborators, and bring it to operate worldwide. We are looking for competent and experienced PDR technicians, but especially they have to be motivated to learn the most refined techniques of this methodology.

The KHS Group had specialized in the repair of damage caused by weather, overspray or vandalism in the automotive industry

We talk directly to those who must protect the quality of the body of a large amount of cars in storage areas and big yards. We manage for many years very complex operations and losses caused by hail or wind for big brands manufacturers, and for major insurance companies.

We have mobile units equipped with internet connection and all the necessary equipment to fast repair operations on site

We can reach the deposits of car and we protect the individual client who has suffered the damages, through technology Paintless Dent Repair and the offer solution called "Smart Repair".