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We want to bring " the retail market, the same quality of repair of the original standard of the manufacturer"

Our goal in KHS is to manage the assets of repairing damage from hail in the automotive industry, in the most efficient way of the entire market, and provide Customer Satisfaction the highest in the industry.

We want to expand our team of collaborators, and bring it operating worldwide

We are looking for technical experts in the repair process called PDR, acronym for Paintless Dent Removal, or Paintless Dent Repair. What is this process that dispenses paint to repair quickly the stamps in the car?

The process of Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), also known as "PDR", describes a method of removing dents from the bodywork of a vehicle with a methodology that allows a considerable saving of time and costs. The most common practical use for the PDR is the repair of hail damages, heavy bruising and damages to the body, or minor creases or doors bumps. A wide range of damages can be repaired using PDR, provided that the paint surface remained intact; the PDR can be used both on panels of aluminum or steel. The most common PDR techniques use metal rods and levers to push out small dents from the bottom of the damaged panel; some hill and tabs specially designed can be used instead to extract dents from the outside of the panel. A repair often requires detailed poke down the limits of the repair to remove even the smallest bumps. They are very delicate operations: too much pressure may create some lifting, causing damage to the clear coat or even a break in the painted surface. Also in this case, expert technics can avoid cracking or chipping by using the heat, even if in this way a surface that haf already been repainted will break more easily. Even when there is a loss that can affect heavily the paint, that's still the coach PDR can "push to paint", creating, using specially designed tools, the conditions for a better sanding and repainting, saving time and costs. The process of Paintless Dent Repair requires a technician to manipulate positions and specific portions of metal at the right height, which can be observed only with the use of a reading instrument PDR or a lighting tool specific for the PDR.

This high-level technological expertise fits in other capacities and resources available to our group to offer the largest range of repair services for any kind of damage to cars.

In the KHS Group we manage for many years very complex operations for the big brands manufacturers, and for major insurance companies

Our group offers a "Smart Repair" solution that allows you to repair the chipped paint without having to repaint the entire panel, and deals with the replacement of all the windows and all the parts tha suffered acid rain or debris. We work with manufacturers around the world by giving them assistance in rectifying the damage by overspray, or those little defects on new cars, which are formed in the press process. These repairs are made on site, so that large amounts of vehicles can be quickly prepared for delivery to dealers.

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