world leader in automotive hail repair


We know what you need after a Hailstorm on your Car Dealership:

 A company made up of highly experienced and trustworthy professionals

 Your vehicles repaired perfectly and quickly, so you can go back to your normal business as soon as possible

 Long term experience that will result in an accurate financial settlement

 A company with a proven marketing system that will increase also your turnover

The full restoration of your fleet to pre-damage condition is ensured by KhS onsite management and personnel 


Our knowledge of this job comes from having experienced everything in it

KhS has been assisting auto dealers after hail catastrophes during tens of years. We are aware of the problems affecting your business after hailstorms. So don’t panic. KhS can be by your vehicles storage area and start treating the sold units quickly, sometimes even before your insurance company has finished the survey on your inventory.

No interruption of your business activities:

  Clear-cut Pricing

This is how we operate. KHS quickly executes a pre-check for the damage sustained by your vehicles inventory. After that we promptly draw up an estimate with an offer providing discounts by amount. At your request, the prices may include the dismantling and reassembly of profiles and coverings and as well as the replacement of damaged parts. KhS is structured to cooperate directly with your insurance company or with external companies in charge of the appraisals, to ensure the correctness of the calculations. KhS Group is at your disposal to accomplish these important preliminary steps!

  Manufacturer's Quality Standards

Our company is chosen by major automobile manufacturers around the world. They know, in fact, that if they want to count on the best hail repair quality in the market, number 1 option is always KhS. With the market's best technicians, KhS can offer a standard of quality equal to or even higher than the manufacturer's standards.

Our QC process includes three steps that all repaired vehicles must successfully pass. KhS respects your property and will treat any vehicle the same way as if it was its own - no bended holes, no sending marks, no glue or polish residue, no missed dents. KhS factory certified technicians are the same ones who will handle your inventory.
With KhS the automotive dealer market gets the same factory standard repairs offered to manufacturers!


  Rapid and Effective

KhS Group can rely on a large number of highly specialized technicians, who are always available. Our operations department is able to set up a complete team of project managers, technicians and profilers in a few hours and get them onsite fully operational in 24/72 hours all over the globe. The schedules of KhS teams  are absolutely flexible and we are ready to meet any challenge in terms of deadline for the delivery of service. And in the foreground there is always the delivery of the highest quality.

Up and Running in 24 – 48 Hours

In most cases, we can start repairing sold units and “we owes” right away so you can get them delivered as soon as possible. This can be done even before you settle your claim!
Our mobile repair facilities can be set up to accommodate high volumes of repair personnel to quickly get you back to business as usual.


All KhS repairs come with a two years Warranty, which mirrors the manufacturer’s warranty and is transferable to your customers.Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  Tracking and Reporting

KhS Group utilizes a “real-time” online tracking system for up-to-the-minute status of inventory repairs. * Our system is accessible to designated client's personnel and is interactive so clients can prioritize units for repair.

*Custom reports are available if desired.

  Increasing your Turnover

Expand Your Service Department or Body Shop, and Drive Retail Hail Repairs to Your Facility.

KhS Group has vast experience in “retail” hail repairs and will co-op advertising with dealers to drive retail customers into your dealership, sharing a percentage of gross revenue with your service department or body shop. *

*If considered early, a substantial amount of retail revenue can be driven into your dealership, with these advertisements, which will yield a considerable amount of incremental profits. KHS will provide proven marketing materials for a number of advertising media.