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High Voltage In-House Training for Technicians, Experts and Interested Persons from the Automotive Industry

Demand for high-voltage vehicles like hybrids and electric cars has been increasing continually within the past years as the market has been progressing enormously. To be lawfully permitted to perform any type of job, including PDR-work, one must attend an appropriate training in which one gets instructed to peculiarities and hazards when working on a HV-vehicle. Our company’s work on HV-vehicles increases intensely and as we consider of great importance the correct and secure handling of any vehicle, we are offering in-house training in our headquarters in Alsdorf, Germany as of now. Our training takes one day and is performed by our employees who have been certified by TAK (Technische Akademie des Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes – Automotive Industry Technical Academy). A training like ours can be of big use especially for technicians and headliners, as HV-vehicles in our hail-repair centers may be repaired by certified persons only and the number of HV-vehicles to be repaired is growing more and more. Even experts and other persons working in the automotive industry can take great advantage of a High-Voltage Training and a resulting certificate. With possession of the certificate, participants are legally permitted to work on electric and hybrid vehicles.  

Training Content

• Electrical engineering basics/ Electric system basics
• Legal Regulations
• Measurement of electric dimensions/ Simple

  calculation examples
• Hazards caused by electricity
• Safety related measures 
• Network configuration
• Tasks of a HV-certified person
• Employees protection when working with electricity
• Short exam  

Training Fees*

KhS Technician Certification
€ 200,00
High Voltage Training 
(Chamber of Commerce validity 1 year)
€ 450,00
Free of charge For KhS partner Technicians

*Fees do not include accomodation. All room and board costs borne by participants.

You can apply now

If you are interested in attending to our training, please fill out the form.
We will confirm your participation and inform you about the next possible date for training.

Your contact person

Marcel Dilk
KhS Know-how Systems GmbH
Phone: +49 2404 551269-0




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