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Hail Repair

The automotive manufacturers and insurance companies around the world choose KhS for its high quality of service. And KhS offers the same quality also to every individual private customer and moreover KhS comes right near where you live in a location easily accessible!


Wind Damage

Automotive manufacturers and insurance companies entrust us with the management of claims caused by wind gusts. Small rocks and debris, can be thrown by a tempest into car bodies, leaving them with a sandblast effect. With “Smart Repair” solutions, KhS can handle that, without intervening on the entire surface of the partially damaged panel. The management of damaged glass and profiles replacement, complete the picture of this specific service offered by KhS Group.




KhS Group is very active around the globe in assisting major automotive manufacturers right in their industrial plants. This very exclusive cooperation consists in rectifying minor stamping flaws on new vehicles as well as PDR when necessary. These repairs take place just at the end of the production chain on all those units that need it, so that they can be quickly made qualified for delivery to the dealers.



Overspray Removal

KhS Group is ready to step in and solve the problem quickly. It can happen that big stocks of cars are affected by paint overspray or acid rain, and a KhS team can quickly come onsite and bring a solution to the contamination. And thus will be of great help in resuming in less than no time the delivery flow



Hail Repair

Hail Repair car

Dents removal

KhS Group can handle any "Smart Repair" job on any vehicle's body.

With a unique Know-how and with an over twenty years experience, KhS Group can handle the repair operations on any fleet consisting of any number of vehicles, either the vehicles are affected by hail or other weather-related damage. We have done it on tens-of-thousands of vehicles and we always provide a quick and flawless PDR . This is why Automotive Manufacturers and their insurers around the world rely on us.
We can help you, too.


Onsite KhS management and personnel ensure all vehicles are fully restored to pre-damage condition

Our professional management team has extensive experience with all aspects of paintless dent removal (PDR) setup and operation, including:

Dents removal estimating
Dents removal logistics
Hail Dents removal repair of damaged vehicles
Hail Dents removal parts replacement.