world leader in automotive hail repair


There is No Job That KhS Cannot Handle


Best Quality repairs.

Providing the highest repair quality, as well as combined economic benefits, KhS Group has made its way into the automotive business, and has become a leader in the repair of hail damage for automotive dealers.



High Customer Satisfaction Index.

Whether you are an insurance company, or a body shop, your customers will be fully satisfied with KhS. We handle all the hassles that your clients do not want to experience in the claim process, after having already suffered the inconvenience of hail damages. They can save time and money and get their cars back in shape as soon as possible.



Automotive Solutions Around the World

KhS Group is trusted by the auto manufacturers worldwide, and we are chosen for our organization that allows timely intervention, and our repair quality that complys with or exceeds the manufacturer's standards. KhS is also in the stamping imperfections rectification business delivering this service directly onsite by the maufacturers' plants.



Thank you for building our reputation by word of mouth.

KhS has the means and the possibility to repair thousands of vehicles in a short time, this is true. But our clients know that when we approach your car our focus always remains on it, and our purpose is to give you back your ride as new, as soon as possible.


Hail Repair

KhS Group has been in this business for more than 20 years, so we have extensive know-how both in its organizational and technical management, thus we can handle any number of damaged vehicles. So, no matter if you need your family car repaired or you’re stuck with thousands of vehicles that were ready for delivery, KhS can always provide fast and perfect PDR.