world leader in automotive hail repair

PDR body work

KHS is the leading company in the world to repair the damage from acid rain

We aim to manage the operations of repairing the damage in the most efficient way of the entire market, and we want to reach the highest level of quality repairs and customer satisfaction, leading also in the retail market a quality corresponding to the original body.

KHS is looking for PDR technicians and competent Project Manager

To meet the ambitious mission to be the leader in the repair of damages to cars, the KHS Group must always be ready to welcome engineers who are the most motivated, willing and prepared to expand our team and the network of our services.

Due to the experience of many years, the KHS Group has capacity and resources to repair large amounts of damaged vehicles and especially the know-how to repair damage of any kind, due to the above natural disasters, or even due to vandalism. KHS has developed the solution called "Smart Repair", which allows you to repair the chipped portion of the body without having to repaint the entire panel, and more deals with the replacement of windows damaged by debris.

The KHS Group consists of over 200 specialists in hail damage

Following a disaster, we can reach the affected locations within 48 hours with mobile units equipped with internet access, tunnel lights and all the necessary equipment to have the knowledge and expertise to do the repair and replacement of damaged parts.

We are specialized in repair of damages in the press process

Specialized operations are also necessary to rectify small defects that are formed in the press process on new cars: we carry out these repairs on site, so that the vehicle can be quickly delivered to the dealers.

We specialize in the repair of damages from overspray on your car

It happens in fact that when they have to stop in the areas of deposit of various kinds, including railway stations, hundreds of cars are covered by splashes of paint or other substances emitted by industrial plants nearby. Well, the KHS Group has the means to quickly form teams of specialists that remove dirt and impurities, putting in motion the distribution line.

We have specialized for many years in the technology called PDR

The process PDR, acronym for Paintless Dent Removal, is the removal of cars dents without using fillers or paints, but only through a wise use of specially designed tools. The maximum severity of the damage that can be repaired by this method depends largely on the level of training and experience of the technician who performs the job: the engineers of the KHS Group are among the best in terms of training and are the most experienced in the world. The PDR is much faster and less expensive than the repairs in the body shop, which require the replacement of panels or sanding, puttying and painting. The most important thing, anyway, is that the PDR offers a repair of superior quality and the process meets the requirements of eco-sustainability that today the market demands with insistence, because the high-tech process reduces processing times, reduces energy required and reduces the exchange of parts of body.

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