world leader in automotive hail repair

Hail on car

For many years, the KHS Group has the know-how to fix large amounts of vehicles damaged by hail and other weather

In fact we have mobile units that can very quickly reach the storage areas or large squares where cars are damaged: our specialized team will perform a cognitive skill and soon we will be able to repair damage of any entity and replace heavily damaged parts. These facilities are equipped offices with internet connection, tunnel light and all the equipment to apply the necessary repairs and apply the method of Paintless Dent Removal.

This preparation makes the specialized teams of Group KHS always ready to intervene when the cars in yards, or in railway stations, are damaged by weather disasters, vandalism or overspray phenomena, that is when they are covered with splashes paint or aerial emission.

A global network of over 200 technicians

If car manufacturers, distributors and large dealers and, significantly, also the best insurance companies come to us it is because we have reached a very high standard of efficiency, all over the world. The desire to be a leader in high-technology repair requires searching for new professional adept at developing processes and network services, as well as to enrich a team that prides itself on having among their ranks the best experts in the field. Always ready to dialogue and listen to new proposals, the KHS Group is looking for experts: specifically, they are looking for PDR process technicians and experts Project Manager.

The Khs Group is the world leader in the repair process through the PDR

what is it about? The PDR, acronym for Paintless Dent Removal, is the method by which small bruises, strains and hail damage are removed without body work and repainting. The PDR technician, to perform the repair, gently massages the metal around the stamp, using a system of forces applied to the underside of the panel: sags are thus relieved, thereby bringing the metal to its original shape. The PDR process requires from one to two days only, against the seven or fourteen days needed if using conventional repair methods. It offers important advantages also from the point of view of eco-sustainability of the process: with the PDR, in fact, paint are not used, so no harmful chemical substance is dispersed in the environment.


For this particular service, powerful technology, and for its numerous services, in the KHS Group we are the first choice of major car manufacturers in Europe, America and Asia for the protection of their car parks, because we are able to assure them that any type of damage is promptly repaired, finding the original quality of the body.

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