world leader in automotive hail repair

Hail damage

The KHS Group is the world leader in hail damage repairing

We aim to manage the operations of repairing damages in the automotive industry in the most efficient way of the entire market, and we want to reach the highest level of repair quality and customer satisfaction, leading also in the retail market the same quality of the original standard of the manufacturer.

KHS offers the "Smart Repair" solution thanks to teams of technical specialists

Due to the experience of many years, the KHS Group has capacity and resources to repair large amounts of damaged vehicles and especially the know-how to repair damages of any kind, caused by weather. Often, in fact, more and more powerful storms raise stones and debris into their vortex, then hurling them against the car, and thus operating a kind of unwanted "blasting" of the body: at KhS we offer a "Smart Repair" solution, which allows us to repair chipped paint without repainting the entire panel, and we take care of the replacement of windows and components damaged by debris. Or, it often happens that when they have to remain in some areas of deposit of various kinds, including railway yards, the cars are damaged by phenomena of overspray, for which hundreds of cars are covered by splashes of paint or other substances emitted by industrial plants in the proximity: we have the resources to form teams of specialists that remove dirt and impurities, putting again in motion the distribution line.

But a really huge problem for large automotive manufacturers is the number of damages that hail can cause to a large parkings; let’s think about a similar experience happened to us or to a friend, and multiply the consequences exponentially. The KHS Group, with over 200 skilled technicians in hail damage, is able to reach the locations affected within 48 hours with mobile units equipped with internet access, tunnel lights and all the necessary equipment to have the knowledge and expertise to perform the repair or replacement of damaged parts.

The KHS Group specialized for many years in the PDR repair process

The KHS Group has specialized for many years in the technology called PDR, "Paintless Dent Repair, which is the removal of cars dent without using fillers or paints, but only through a wise use of specially designed tools. The maximum severity of the damage that can be repaired by this method depends largely on the level of training and experience of the technician who performs the work: we are the best in terms of training and we are the most experienced in the world. To perform the repair, you gently massage the metal around the damage, using a system of forces applied to the underside of the panel; It is thus that sags raise up and the metal geta gain its original shape. The PDR is much faster and less expensive than the repairs in the body shop, which require the replacement of panels or sanding, puttying and painting. The most important thing is that the PDR provides a superior quality repair: dents are removed without damaging the polishing factory, with more durable results than the repainting, and without the worry of color matching.

KHS is looking for motivated technicians to expand its global service network

To meet the ambitious mission to be the leader in the repair of damages to cars, we must always be ready to welcome the more motivated, willing and prepared engineers, in order to expand our team and our network of services: in this sense, if repair and bodywork are your passions and your skills, and if you are interested in an international project, please contact KHS Group to become part of our project! 

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