world leader in automotive hail repair

The first KhS project of 2015 is in Mexico.

The city of Saltillo is the capital of the state of Coahuila, one of the 31 states of the federal republic of Mexico. The hail storms that hit Saltillo between April and May gave KhS the opportunity to start the season very early this year. With a technical team of 110 and 6 managers we landed in Mexico on the last week of April to deliver to our clients the best PDR service and a flawless management of the repair projects. The Saltillo 2015 KhS team is the most amazing PDR group I have ever seen, with people of 9 different nationalities (and languages) all working shoulder to shoulder to complete a very challenging project at an altitude of 1,400 m. above sea level and very close to the cancer tropic. The weather is extremely variable in this area and sometimes extreme in terms of heat, wind or humidity. But thanks to a strong and expert team, KhS is getting the expected results and respecting the correct timing as always.