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KhS at IASRE 2017 on February 17th and 18st

KhS will once again, this year, take part in the International Smart Repair Exhibition IASRE by Rotenburg an der Fulda, Hessen, in Germany. This will be the fifth edition of the event.
This is a special opportunity for any interested PDR technician to meet personally our international representatives, speaking their language, at the largest international fair specializing in automotive smart repair in Europe.
An international team of senior key-account and project-managers will answer all your questions, in your language, concerning a possible worldwide cooperation and will present you our KhS Hail Technician Certification Program.
Long term KhS technical Partners will also be available to exchange firsthand information about the practical collaboration with KhS.
We are looking forward to meeting many qualified hail technicians who will be interested on a collaboration with KhS.
Visitor-tickets can be purchased online at