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Hail in the shade of the Egyptian Pyramids

The phenomenon of hail really knows no geographical boundaries..
This time, the KhS Group was called to action in Egypt. One of our international teams of technicians and managers are at Six October City, southwest of Cairo in Giza Governorate.
This is an emerging city with new buildings rising everywhere, a bustling industrial area, which is the industrial hub of the automobile industry in this country, and it also has an area of exclusive hotels overlooking the pyramids of the Giza Necropolis. Within this archaeological site you can admire, among other things: the Sphinx and the pyramids of the pharaohs Kheops, Kefren and Micerinos, belonging to the fourth Egyptian Dynasty.
But back to our work mission, here we have got confirmation that a type of damage on average more and more severe accompanies a growing unpredictability of the weather phenomena.
For KhS, having focused on the quality and the technical ability to meet this challenge proves once again to be a winning strategy, and this is recognized and highly valued by our customers worldwide.