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First international project of 2017: Rio de Janeiro!

This time KhS is in Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We are a few hours’ drive from Copacabana to perform repairs of hail damage on cars of our Brazilian customers.
With a PDR technical team and our managers, we are here, during the last days of the carnival of Rio, located midway between the Tropic of Capricorn and the equator during the hot summer of Rio de Janeiro. Here the green vegetation does not let the strong heat of the sun win, and though the daily maximum temperature is always around 35 degrees Celsius, a good balance between warmth and rain keeps these lands lush even during a long summer. One thing that you will never miss in Brazil, is a variety of good food, prepared and served in a still very traditional way.
I add some pictures to document this latest great adventure of KhS Group International Hail Repair.
See you soon!